Donna Hoyack

Mixed Media 3D

Putting natural stone, glass smalti, gems and mineral specimens with metals, fossils and interesting pieces of wood I’ve collected, is an exercise of comparison between God-created and man’s creation. I create free-form, generally starting with a piece of wood. I use a lot of transparent colored glass smalti and mount on gesso coated wooden panels with both thin set and/or a commercial adhesive. I will tint the thin set with pigment or use acrylic paint to color any of the visible panel that might be seen between the tesserae. I do not grout my mosaics. I break and cut glass and stone with a hammer and hardie, nippers, pliers and a rotary saw. I coil and cut copper and other metals as well. Each piece of art is an expression of faith, hope and the promises of God found only through Jesus Christ. I want my work to be beautiful reminders of all that Christ has done for us; how much we are adored by God and how faithful he is to his children. By bringing God’s natural handiwork into your home, you will also have a great talking piece to help you share this story.