HP Bloomer


I am applying for this event because I was impressed with the event when I won the Texas Arts & Crafts Scholarship in 2011 as a grad student. I recently moved back to Texas and am looking to reestablish myself in the craft field here after a decade of teaching in other states around the country. My work is handmade functional ceramic items with a strong focus on unique designs that highlight the relationship between native plant life of North Texas, and other states I’ve lived in, and human driven development of greenspaces. These themes are explored through the use of a variety of glazing methods, both traditional and digitally designed masking methods, while implementing pattern and motifs that highlight stylized native plants and human constructions often in bilateral surface designs.

I am a Texas native, raised in Waco and currently living in Denton TX. I was awarded my Masters of Fine Arts in 2011 in Ceramics from the University of North Texas and have since been an Artist in Residence at a number of well known ceramic art centers around the country.

My work focuses on exploring the dichotomy of the man made and natural world and is known for employing a variety of contrasting mark making methods and glaze applications to explore the intersection between the human need to build and organize and native and indigenous plant life in the hopes of highlighting ecologically sound land stewardship and awareness. Often my functional forms reference various architectural styles while his surfaces reflect an interest in fashion, painting, and design.
My work is held in many esteemed collections in the US and the UK and has been exhibited internationally. During the pandemic I built a private studio in Denton, re-establishing myself as a Texas artist after 11 years of making and teaching around the country.

Website: hpbloomer.com