James Collier


I have had a camera with me where ever I go for the last 58 years. I am constantly trying to improve my skill while I search for unusual images. I am a self-taught photographer, film processor, and printer.

I taught myself how to take, process, and print traditional film, and I found the transition to digital technology a huge step forward, technically and financially. I enjoyed the “wet” darkroom, but I am amazed by the opportunities of the digital darkroom.

I see photography as an adventure in art, filled with opportunities to photograph and display the power and the frailness of our world as I saw it when I pushed the shutter button. I am a digital photographer and concentrate on landscapes and seascapes, with a strong interest in municipal murals and wildlife.

I am a digital photographer. I take the image, post-process as necessary and I print my images on archival paper or create sublimated prints on specialized hardboard substrate. I also use a specialized canvas printer for my canvas prints.

Website: photosojourner.com