Kathy & Rolf Wagner


Love of art brought us to glass 12 years ago. Taking live classes and online training we have developed our own style and some unique techniques over the years. We concentrate on fused glass, work done in a kiln. We use glass in various colors and dichroic glass, which changes color with the light. Dichroic glass has been sprayed with a metalic oxide in a vacuum chamber (we do not do that part). We participate in juried art festivals and exhibits where we have won numerous awards.






We started working in metal when we realized we needed stands for the sculptures and neck wires for the pendants. One thing lead to another and we started doing earrings and other jewelry to show off the dichroic glass. Some of the pendants and “painted” with glass powder mixed with a medium to create mini works of abstract art. The pendants are complimented by the original neck wires for dramatic effect. Oh the joy of creating!