Nancy Wilson


I have been designing and making jewelry for more than 30 years. At first I created small items as gifts, and my supply of beads and tools fit into a small tackle box. Soon, however, I began to create larger and more elaborate pieces, and my collection of beads and related materials quickly expanded. I am fascinated by the almost limitless variety of beads, as well as the rich history of their manufacture and use from prehistoric times to the present. I like to hunt for old jewelry and other components to recycle/repurpose. In my work, I typically combine new, antique, and vintage beads and components of differing texture, material, and origin. All of my work is hand-made, and most pieces are one-of-a-kind. I have exhibited in multiple art festivals in Texas, including the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair. My work has been displayed in galleries in Wimberley, Port Aransas, and the Barbara Jordan Airport in Austin: most recently I have been the “featured artist” at the Austin Bead Gallery.