Randy Bryant


I incorporate a wide variety of materials into my pieces. Some of the metals are sterling silver, 14kt and 18kt Gold, Mokume Gane, Shibuichi, Shakudo. In the stone category, I like anything that is unusual, but fine quality precious and semi-precious gems find their way into the line up as well. All of my pieces are “One-of-a-Kind Works of Art”. The majority of my work features hand fabricated settings built around stones that I have cut. Many of the settings include double and triple overlay, with mixed metals in which I include a variety of texturing methods. On rare occasions, I will design a piece in wax and have it cast. I am currently exploring sand, cuttlebone, and tufa casting. The intarsia and inlay work are constructed by me along with most of the cabochons and large faceted stones. I will sometimes utilize designer stones if I really like them, or if the rough material is unavailable.

Website: http://www.rbryant1jewelry.com/