Sandpiper Sea Glass Jewelry 

Ocean tumbled sea glass is the spark and focus of Christine Oakes’ one-of-a-kind sea glass jewelry designs. Creating jewelry from authentic sea glass that has been unaltered from it’s found state presents many challenges. Like any challenge, once met the personal satisfaction is rewarding and the product like none other. Long before the design process ensues in the studio, Christine spends countless hours at the beach hunting for sea glass. Discovering a perfect piece of well-worn sea glass is like finding treasure. Finding a rare color can be the highlight of a perfect day. Back in the studio the sea glass is sorted by shape and color. The sorting of colors and pairing is a slow process since shape and thickness of sea glass changes it’s color and tone. Christine carefully selects each piece of sea glass using elements of art color theory and balance when creating her unique designs. Creativity kicks in as shards of glass become a a butterfly, dragonfly, or a bird in flight. Some pieces of glass want nothing more than to be framed in sterling silver and hung from a chain. Tiny glass that has spent years pounded by the waves is transformed into that perfect earring you reach for time and again. Clean design lets the sea glass be the star. Each design is constructed by Christine from start to finish, cutting, forming and connecting sterling silver. Her uncluttered style showcases the sea glass without changing it’s shape or patina, transforming a bit of discarded glass into jewelry that could add just the right amount of spark to your little black dress. In 2012 Christine launched her own jewelry design company, Sandpiper Sea Glass Jewelry – and the web site at When not at the beach or in her studio in the Texas Hill Country, Christine can be found showing her jewelry at art festivals around the country.