Susan Die


Left Brain / Right Brain … Susan has a background in Computer Systems Design and Analysis with a degree in Computer Science. As a self-taught fused glass artist, she uses those design skills and applies them to creating beautiful glass creations.

Using glass in various forms, from powdered to sheet, wet or dry and now exploring glass enamels, she creates glass art pieces – both functional & non-functional. The pieces are placed in a kiln & depending on the outcome desired are fused up to 1450 degrees. Then the pieces are either slumped into a bowl shape or framed. She has an insatiable desire to know how and is always learning new techniques and loves finding new ways to use fused glass creations so her work is always evolving.

Using Dichroic (Greek work meaning 2 colors) glass & other fusing glasses, she also creates wearable art. Once the glass is fused in a kiln reaching temps of 1450, the piece is wire wrapped using argentium silver & copper, embellished with Swarovski crystals.