Terri McAshan


I was immediately drawn to the beauty and vibrant colors of dichroic glass. After I took classes to learn to fuse, I became a full time glass vendor. I fell in love with the beautiful changing colors of dichroic glass and creating unique wearable art. I hand cut the glass, stack in a kiln and fire to 1500. I then do coldwork. I use a lap grinder with rough, med. and fine sandpaper to get the desired shape and refire for a shiny polished finish. I specialize in hand etched designs inspired by nature and music such as leaves, shells, sand dollars, pianos, guitars and trees. I use a Dremel tool to etch my design so my customers get a unique piece. “Dichroic”, meaning two colors, transmits and reflects colors which are opposites on the color spectrum. I still get so excited to see what vibrant colors come out of the kiln. Each piece is made with love in my Austin Tx. studio to give customers a one-of-a-kind creation. The unique ability of dichroic glass to reflect and bend light waves creates magical dynamic wearable art.

Website: http://www.terrisglasscreations.com/